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Prior Authorizations Should Be Easy.

With Humata, they are frictionless.

The future of authorizations is here.

Humata is redefining the landscape of prior authorizations using AI and automation - ensuring a streamlined, efficient, and automated end-to-end workflow for providers across all high volume service lines.

Only work what is necessary.


Less portals.


AI-driven clinical bundling.


One-click submissions.


Auto-integrated status updates.


Constant detection for denial prevention.


Humata goes beyond mere automation to tackle the prior authorization challenge.
We harness a
powerful blend of AI, automation, and payer connectivity,

revolutionizing the entire end-to-end experience.


Humata's API layer connects with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Payers, and Clinical Documentation systems, streamlining authorizations with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.


Humata's proven AI employs machine learning to offer intelligent recommendations for crucial clinical documents that should be included in the bundle to improve submission quality.


Humata features a reliable automation layer integrating Electronic Health Record (EHR) data and directly connecting to payers for retrieval of responses across the authorization continuum.


Humata leverages broad payer connectivity at state, regional, and national levels, providing unmatched automation scalability across all payer interactions for seamless processing.


Humata integrates with the most common Electronic Health Record (EHR) and document management systems across healthcare in a bi-directional manner through healthcare interoperability standards.


It's as simple as Ready. Set. Authorize.

Humata is a single platform that streamlines the end-to-end prior authorization continuum in an unparalleled way.


Referral Management

Automate the process of requesting referrals and gathering progress notes to submit to external PCP’s, ensuring timely and comprehensive collection of essential information.

PA Determination

Automate the identification of services necessitating prior authorization, allowing seamless closure of non-qualifying cases, minimizing manual intervention for your staff.

Automated Prioritization

Intelligently prioritize cases to ensure that the right cases land in the hands of the right staff - at the right time. This facilitates timely resolution of cases, ensuring that authorizations are approved timely and patients can proceed with care.


Medical Necessity

Humata utilizes direct connectivity to provide proactive updates on payer-specific medical necessity policies, relieving providers from the manual task of identifying these policies themselves.

Clinical Indexing

Humata indexes 18 months of clinical records, enabling instant keyword searches for streamlined access to essential documents, eliminating time-consuming searches to create quality clinical bundles.

Clinical Bundling

Over time, Humata's AI packaging recommends the key clinical documents necessary based on payer guidelines, boosting the chance of first-pass approvals and streamlining submissions. 



Humata provides one-click direct submission to payers, eliminating the need for manual navigation through portals, streamlining and expediting the submission process significantly.


Automate the statusing of prior authorization requests, allowing your staff to concentrate on tasks that demand their attention. Upon approval, Humata promptly notifies your staff.


Pivotal changes in patients or services are promptly detected and highlighted by Humata to prevent downstream denials and write-offs. These include alterations in CPT codes, payers, facilities, and more.

Discover how Humata can

transform your prior authorization process.

Unlock Efficiency and Unity Across Service Lines

Centralization is powerful, but flexibility is key. Our platform empowers providers to streamline operations with or without centralization across all high volume service lines. By embracing this adaptable approach, providers break down silos and cultivate a cohesive environment for staff.

Sleep Studies
& More.

Our AI technology delivers a proven ROI

"The software has reduced write-offs by 30% and staff costs by 25%.

Prior authorizations get approved 3 days after scheduling, compared with 11 days previously."

Director of Patient Access
New England Baptist Hospital
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prior authorization data points within Humata's proprietary database

This is where industry innovators & collaborators converge.

Humata has collected over 10,000,000+ prior authorization data points through our platform. This data will create the intelligence of the future and will be the foundation for Humata's continuous innovation through artificial intelligence. 

Interested in being an innovation partner?
We believe in the power of innovation partnerships to create groundbreaking solutions that transform the healthcare landscape. Together, let's explore new frontiers, merge expertise, and co-create innovative technologies that improve patient care, streamline processes, and elevate the healthcare experience for all.

Humata is physician-led & hyper-focused on 
reimagining the authorization experience.

CEO Story​

As a “recovering radiologist” from Mayo Clinic and Harvard I experienced first hand the struggles of prior authorization. After learning that payers also despise the cumbersome, costly process, I set out on a mission to bring providers and payers together to automate and solve the problem so patients can get the care they deserve and reduce costs and waste that plague our healthcare system.


Six years ago, we started building an artificial intelligence solution to solve PA for all “ologies.” After a couple acquisitions and tens of millions of dollars invested in the technology, I’m thrilled to be back on this mission with an amazing team here at Humata Health. While we’ve helped millions of patients, the time is now to deliver truly “frictionless prior authorization” at scale so every patient gets the care they deserve and the process is touchless. Come join us!

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Dr. Jeremy Friese


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